Automated Reporting

Legal compliance requires defensible documentation for every AI system—but it can take months to put together comprehensive, readable reports for AI models. Luminos Automated Reporting automatically generates documentation on demand, demonstrating compliance for every AI system you deploy.

Contents I Model Overview II Risk Assessment III Bias Testing Results IV Model Remediation V Model Monitoring VI Legal Approval AI Risk Assessment for “New Customer Scoring Model: Marketing”

Prepare for legal and regulatory oversight without the hassle. Each automated report summarizes how AI models are built, tested, and are monitored during deployment.

Automatically save reports as Word documents or PDFs to OneDrive, Google Docs, or send via email. Create a holistic and consistent inventory of defensible model documentation—all in one place.

Automated Reports are generated using Bluebook formatting, plain English explanations of testing results, and formal footnotes. Reports are so polished they read like they were written and edited in painstaking detail by lawyers themselves.

"We couldn't document our AI systems for legal oversight—until we started using Luminos Automated Reporting."

With Luminos Automated Reporting you can:

  • Automatically generate legally defensible documentation for your AI systems
  • Summarize your AI risk management efforts in plain English
  • Easily explain testing results and mitigation strategies with color-coded charts and clear explanations
  • Automatically save Reports to OneDrive, Google Drive, or locally
  • Integrate easily with existing AI workflow and documentation tools