Ensuring Your Success

Luminos.AI is dedicated to ensuring customers can confidently and efficiently manage their AI legal risks. Our Customer Success Team is committed to partnering with you every step of the way, from general onboarding, to API use, to domain-specific concerns.

Comprehensive Onboarding

Tailored Training Sessions: Our customized training programs are designed to help you and your team understand the intricacies of AI legal risks. We focus on practical applications and case studies relevant to your specific legal practices.

Success Manager: From day one, a Success Manager will be assigned to your account. They are your point of contact for training, support, and ensuring your firm utilizes our platform to its fullest potential.

Template Library Access: Gain exclusive access to our comprehensive library of risk management templates. Developed based on the years of learnings of our partner, Luminos.Law. Our customizable templates take the guesswork out of AI project approval.

Ongoing Education and Resources

Advanced Workshops: Stay ahead of the curve with workshops led by leading experts in AI law and technology. These sessions cover the latest developments and legal precedent impacting AI.

Real-Time Legal Risk Updates: Receive alerts and updates on new legal risks as they emerge. We continuously analyze changes in legislation and court rulings to keep you informed in real time.

Quarterly Reviews: Meet with your Success Manager every quarter to review your usage, discuss new challenges, and optimize your workflows. These reviews ensure that you are always aligned with the best practices for AI legal risk management.

Customer-Driven Enhancements: We actively incorporate feedback into our platform development to meet your evolving needs. Regular updates enhance functionality and ensure our tools adapt to the latest legal and technological changes.

Expert Access: Our legal and tech experts are available to discuss specific issues or provide guidance on any complex scenarios that you encounter.