Bias Calculator

Most home-grown and vendor bias testing lack legal relevancy—and won't stand up to serious regulatory scrutiny. Luminos Bias Calculator was initially developed by our partner law firm, Luminos.Law, and is comprised of proven bias metrics based on decades of legal precedent. Use our trusted bias tests then add your bespoke testing suite, if needed.

Streamline and standardize bias tests across AI models. Our tests work on any AI model—from traditional classifiers to graphs, generative AI models, and more.

Don’t just test for bias—understand your bias exposure with color-coded tables and plain English descriptions of testing results. No technical explanations from data scientists necessary. We supply concrete guidance on how to reduce identified risks.

Integrate custom or third-party code into our Bias Calculator, allowing you to customize your bias testing methods, maintain flexibility, and avoid vendor "lock in."

“Luminos helped us turn a process that usually takes 3-6 months into one that takes 3-6 days.”

The Luminos Bias Calculator is built on a suite of bias tests with decades of legal precedent. Our calculator integrates with custom code and open-source testing to make sure you can run tests tailored to your company, industry, and your models.

  • Use our Bias Calculator to measure bias in your models
  • Clear thresholds for biased results allow you to understand where your models generate liability
  • Customize our bias tests—or import your own—and use our Bias Calculator to standardize bias testing across all your models
  • Rely on our auto-documentation to explain your testing results in plain English
  • Use our Privilege Manager to protect testing results
  • Integrates easily with existing AI workflow and document tools