Demographic Inference Engine

Luminos Demographic Inference Engine allows you to legally infer your missing demographic data with regulator-approved methods so your bias testing stands up to legal scrutiny.

Name Accounts State Zip Code Race Gender

Many companies don't collect sensitive demographic information for privacy reasons—but then they need that data for bias testing. Remove this friction with the Luminos Demographic Inference Engine.

Understand the sex, gender, race, and ethnicity of your users to enable bias testing even when you don't collect that data to begin with.

Comply with legal and ethical bias testing obligations—without asking for data that increases legal risks.

"We don't collect sensitive data for privacy reasons, but we need that same data for bias testing. Luminos Inference Engine was only way we could test our models for fairness."

Our Demographic Inference Engine:

  • Uses regulator-approved methods to infer data like sex and race about your users
  • Requires only basic knowledge of your users like first and last name and zip code
  • Helps ensure your bias testing will stand up to legal scrutiny
  • Integrates easily with existing AI workflow and documentation tools