Real-time Risk Monitoring

Luminos Real-time Risk Monitoring is specifically designed to track a deployed AI system’s ongoing performance based on up-to-date requirements.

UID Model: PII Detected New Customer Scoring Model: Bias Testing Alert

Gain real-time insight into legal risks from AI in deployment. Set custom alerts to know when models are at risk of fairness, privacy, or other potential violations.

Conduct continuous testing and monitoring on AI models—monthly, weekly, or daily, you decide.

Embed testing, analysis, and approval workflows directly into the model deployment process, speeding AI deployments, conserving legal resources, and reducing friction with your AI and ML Ops team.

"We don't have the resources to review and monitor every model in real-time for legal risks. That's why we needed Luminos."

With Luminos Automated Reporting you can:

  • Create real-time alerts to identify and mitigate potential AI risks
  • Customize alerts and risk reports to make sure the right data is sent to the right team
  • Align oversight with evolving legal requirements so AI risks never catch you off guard
  • Integrate easily with existing AI workflow and documentation tools