Workflow Manager

Speed up your decisions and make AI model review a repeatable and collaborative process. Whether working with internal teams, vendors, AI red teams, or a mix, Luminos Workflow Manager speeds communication between lawyers, data scientists, and engineers.

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Create Q&A forms that automatically generate consistent and defensible model risk documentation, letting you save countless time and money by avoiding long and complicated meetings, off-point discussions, reply-all after reply-all, and chat threads across multiple channels.

Build your own forms or save time and lower risk by adapting forms provided by Luminos.Law—our partner and the leading AI-risk law firm.

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Automate legal review and approvals for new AI systems. Our built-in rules engine lets you gather the needed information from the right people, create and assign tasks on the fly, and score your models’ risks in real time.

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"Managing the interaction between legal and data science is the single greatest factor slowing down AI adoption. Luminos took that friction away."

Use our Workflow Manager to:

  • Standardize how AI systems are documented across models
  • Automate decisions to ensure that only the highest-risk models require manual review
  • Ensure efficient collaboration across teams—assign specific tasks to roles or users while keeping that information confidential
  • Build and apply templates for different use cases, customers, or sectors or use preexisting Luminos templates
  • Ensure defensibility with a single “system of record” for legal materials associated with each AI system
  • Integrate easily with existing AI workflow and document tools