Legal Privilege Manager

AI system documentation requires input from a large number of teams, increasing the risk of compromising legal privilege—and hampering the ability to honestly and transparently assess risks. Luminos' Legal Privilege Manager combines bottom-up collaboration with top-down legal approval, ensuring access to information is as open as needed, but as restricted as required.

Assert Legal Privilege Agreement Confidentiality Agree

Assert privilege over documentation about your AI risks and keep sensitive information about AI confidential.

Ensure AI model risks are documented across internal teams, vendors, red teams, and more—all at the direction of legal.

Lock down all communications about potential liabilities—no more using email or Slack to document and share AI risks.

Create standardized Acknowledgment Statements so users explicitly agree to confidentiality standards before documenting model risks. Keep records of each user agreement for future auditing.

"Knowing we could assert privilege over our risk assessments allowed us to examine our thorniest issues with full transparency."

Luminos Privilege Manager allows you to:

  • Assert legal privilege over all AI risk assessments and documentation
  • Place guardrails on how vendors, red teams, and internal engineers document and communicate sensitive information
  • Ensure all AI risk activities take place at the direction of legal—without slowing them down
  • Integrate easily with existing AI workflow and document tools